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Pictures from Jack's Bistro

Photos by: Grace Gladhill
We are a group that believes in good food, drink, and fun. We throw dinner parties. That’s it. Think of the last dinner party you hosted or the one you saw in The Big Chill. That’s what we do at Baltimore Foodies.
Why are our dinner parties so successful? For one thing, most of our events are held at smaller, locally owned restaurants in the Baltimore area. Chefs love us because they know we are coming to experience their food. We want them to have as much fun creating the menu as we will eating it.
Another big reason for our success is the communal table. We all eat together, whether our group numbers twelve or twenty. I believe this is the way food was meant to be enjoyed and shared. The chefs all seem to agree.
To put it simply, our dinner parties are about great food and the friendships forged by sharing a meal.
See you at dinner,  

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