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Pictures from Jack's Bistro

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Photos by: Grace Gladhill
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Cheap Louis Vuitton Outlet Store, Buy Cheap Louis Vuitton Save 70% With Free Shipping, 2015 Newest Louis Vuitton Handbags Include Pallas M40907 Havane... Although Louis Vuitton since evolved into a square dance Aunt handbags, everyone whether it can be expensive for the louis vuitton outlet luxury brand skeptical, but the perception is directly reflected in the performance, there will always be lagging behind. LVHM Group in the second quarter earnings release, according to Reuters news show LVHM Group, after a brief period in the cheap louis vuitton outlet first quarter of sweet, sales growth has slowed in the second quarter, and only 1.3%, Group Financial Officer Jean- JacquesGuiony admitted that USA consumers for its leather goods and fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton demand is declining.
About who will say, oh come this far had been able to cheap louis vuitton foresee, but if it does not summarize the lessons learned point, who will step Louis Vuitton footsteps. Also, do not forget the more important thing, your home broken pot, always had to find a way to mend it, Louis Vuitton is also anxious to make a positive thing dry pot. Fix a few years transformed, and become a hero, one foundation in, do not worry to see dead people. So "Fashion Interview Notes" to give Louis Vuitton attending a break, but also the way people look at how to open his own prescription for. Louis Vuitton you still love it? Louis Vuitton is also back for you, now what state of mind? Available tell us about chant
Louis Vuitton hereafter "Louis Vuitton") store sales significantly feel the "two sessions" on the eve of quite a force, that require rare issue with the government or louis vuitton outlet store force guests looked invoice. Contrast is so strong - in the past, especially in FL, during the "two sessions" and even some luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, including as another sales peak (peakseason) in addition to the USA market, the USA New Year. Today, no longer grand.
Public consumption of luxury goods hit from July 2012, can be viewed at Sina to the State Council promulgated the "Government Offices Administration Regulations", which expressly prohibits the government procurement of luxury goods, the ordinance officially implemented last October. Reuters noted that louis vuitton outlet online partner and managing director of Greater USA, Boston Consulting Group said: "The men's clothing, high-end wine are affected, while the more popular gifts wallets, belts have also been implicated." On cities, said Huang Teng impact of the capital city of Beijing and by the larger, "where a relatively large proportion of official gifts, but in cities like louis vuitton outlet handbags, people will spend their money more."
However, this is only in the louis vuitton outlet bags luxury goods industry bottleneck withstand another blow it. "As far as I know, according to the different circumstances of each brand, 10% -30% of its total sales of public consumption ranging." Lu Huang, said. USA's economic slowdown is the luxury goods industry in USA suspended high growth rate - according to Bain & Company's report, in 2010 and 2011 for two years, the louis vuitton outlet belts luxury goods market is growing at around 30% - the real reason . With the 2012 USA's economic growth has declined, the USA consumer confidence hit, for luxury consumption tends to be conservative attitude. Bain's report shows that in 2012 the growth rate of USA's luxury consumption dropped to around 7%.
cheap louis vuitton outlet online feel the most intuitive in the store. "Shoppers are really a lot less, very clear." He revealed that in 2012 USA's new Louis Vuitton located in Wenzhou, Changsha and four stores as a result, quite uncharacteristically that patronize stores all over Louis Vuitton40 The total number of passenger flow did not increase, but declined. "From this reflected the economy is really bad." He also pointed out that, in fact signs of the first half of 2012 have seen a slowdown in authentic louis vuitton sales, in general, spend the summer after the luxury goods sales season, September, October sales will quickly boost, but the last year, but no significant rebound in sales.
Many luxury brands have decided to reduce the number of new stores in USA. Reuters who interviewed French Kering (PPR) leader's brand Gucci (hereinafter referred to as GUCCI [microblogging]) originally announced plans to 10-15 new stores per year in the USA market, reduced to 3- 4; louis vuitton outlet online store Group, said the head of the brand Louis Vuitton, will tighten the number of shop. "Every experience poor economic conditions, such as the year 2008 when the financial crisis, the luxury goods shop will be more rigorous assessment indicators.
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